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How I Can Help

Effective treatment starts with a clearly expressed intention. The more clearly I can articulate my vision for my work, the more clearly you can hear my message, and the greater the likelihood will be that we will not only work well together, but help you feel better and more empowered in your own healthcare. Please follow this link to read on...

Our Work Together: My Vision Statement

Here is what you can expect during your appointments:

The Initial Visit: Approximately 2 hours.

This includes:

A thorough and comprehensive review of your medical history as reported in the Intake Forms you can fill out ahead of time;
A complete diagnostic exam including Pulse and Tongue Diagnosis, relevant Orthopedic and Western Physical exams, and abdominal and channel palpation;
Dietary and Nutritional counseling;
and Lifestyle counseling.

Treatment will consist of one or more of the following treatment modalities depending on your needs that day:

Acupuncture: While acupuncture is well-indicated for most conditions, if yours is one in which it is not appropriate, I will advise you on this and we will proceed with food, herbs and any other treatment deemed necessary. With acupuncture, resting time varies depending on your condition. Based on your needs that day, we can decide if we start with acupuncture or herbs, or if there is time, we will do both;
yin yang Food-Mood Counseling: Using a 7-day Food-Mood Journal, we will work together to fine tune your food choices by helping you learn to equate your various symptoms to not just What you eat, but When you eat, How you eat and feel, and Why you eat. Working with eating habits is a process that takes time. But there is no more important single change you can make than to have a clearer relationship with your food. This service can be done on its own, if all you would like help with is your relationship with your food;
Bodywork: This can vary from patient to patient. I have been practicing bodywork since 1999 and I am very well-versed in a wide range of modalities. Sometimes this can be corrective Deep Tissue work and sometimes it can be of a more subtle and energetic nature. Very often, I will use bodywork on the local area of pain while I am using acupuncture to stimulate acupuncture points that correspond to the targeted areas. An original and deeply effective approach to treatment!
Cupping: The application of small glass or plastic cups to the skin by using heat or suction to create a vacuum inside the cup. They either remain standing in a desired spot or moved along the course of a channel or site of pain. This is extremely effective for muscle tightness and pain, and most often applied to the back, shoulders and neck. Patients report that it feels a lot like getting a good Deep Tissue massage;
Electrical Stimulation: One to four pairs of needles are hooked up to the leads of a small portable electrical device. An electrical current is then run through the leads into the needles at a frequency, amplitude and strength appropriate to your needs and comfort level. Patients feel a light tapping at the needle site followed by a dull heavy Qi sensation. This modality is often used for musculo-skeletal pain or paralysis, and provides a stronger and more continuous amount of stimulation than needles alone;
Far-Infrared Heat Lamp: Very effective for warming a cold patient, improving Qi and Blood circulation, and decreasing pain.
Follow-up visits: Approximately 1 hour 15 minutes.

Sessions will include a briefer follow-up intake followed by a treatment specific to your needs that day.


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