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Hello. Jordan here. Thank you for taking the time to read through my website. Let me tell you a little about myself and how I got here doing this work that I love.

In college, I wanted to be Secretary of State. Now I am an Acupuncturist! You can see the obvious connection, can’t you?! After I graduated, having majored in International Politics and Russian, I began to change my views about my studies. I started to see that real change in the world is not top-down, but rather bottom-up. So I decided to forego my Washington DC pursuits and move to Japan where I had already been planning on living for a year. Instead, I sold everything and left for 3 ½ years! I went to continue studying Aikido, a peaceful, non-aggressive Japanese Martial Art, and teach English. It was here that my path grew clear. Aikido brought me to yoga and meditation, to changing my diet and to envisioning teaching the art. Traditionally, in Asia, martial arts teachers were also healers. Many arts at their higher levels have a healing component to them. There is a saying, “The sword that cuts is the sword that heals.” I knew that at some point I would follow my spiritual and philosophical interests and study Chinese Medicine.

But upon my return home, I was not ready for 4 years of school. So I started with Massage and Bodywork to see if I like working with people in a clinical and therapeutic manner. And I surely did! I worked in a variety of settings and explored many styles. Eventually it was time to take the next step and in the Fall of 2002, I enrolled in Emperor’s College of Traditional Oriental Medicine. Four years later, after a lot of hard work and a great deal of studying, I graduated with a Master’s Degree, Summa Cum Laude.

Then in December 2009, Jordan began his training with Dr. Matt Van Benschoten, whose technique and approach to viewing the body and its relationship with the environment he immediately recognized as the missing piece he had been looking for.  Through his extensive, focused and continuing study and research of Dr. Matt’s method, he has been able to develop tools to accurately diagnose and effectively treat his patients no matter their conditions. All the while, offering compassionate and personalized care. 

I love my work! Not only am I constantly amazed at the effectiveness and poetry of this medicine, but I get to help people on all sorts of levels. Physically, I get to change someone’s pain experience within a few seconds simply by pressing a point somewhere else in the body; psycho-emotionally, I get to ground someone’s inner struggles into their body to show how the mind and the body are intertwined; and spiritually, particularly through my work with addiction, I get to encourage my patients’ process of self-awareness and ease their suffering. No matter how I am able to help you, it gratifies me to no end and reinforces, on a daily basis, that I am grateful to be able to practice this profound art and work with such wonderful patients.

Feel free to download and read my complete resume for more information about me.

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