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  Acid Reflux
  The Brain, Inflammation, and Autism Spectrum Disorders
  Colds & the Flu
  Dental Amalgams and Heavy Metal Toxicity
  Depression and Tradtional Chinese Medicine
  Detoxing with Chinese Medicine
  From Eczema to Narcolepsy:
Mold Exposure and Its Various Clinical Presentations
  The Gluten Question: Fact or Fad Diagnosis?
  Headaches & Migraines
  High Blood Pressure, aka Hypertension
  Low Back Pain & Sciatica
  Pediatric Allergies
  Pediatric Asthma
  Pediatric Ezcema
  Pelvic Floor Dysfunction
  Pelvic Pain and Dairy
  Smoking cessation
Treating Kids
Acupuncture and Addiction
  Smoking cessation
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Frequently asked Questions
  How does acupuncture work?
  Does acupuncture hurt?
  Are the needles safe?
  Are the herbs safe?
  How many sessions will I need?
  I am under the care of my physician.
Can I also see you at the same time?
  I am on Western medications.
Should I be concerned about combining them
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The Medicine & You
  The Brotherhood of Men
  Going Barefoot
  Usual vs. Normal
  Striving Toward Wellness
  Pain as a Messenger
  Breathing into Pain
  Immunity: Self vs. Non-Self
  When is Enough, Enough?
  When Enough is No Longer Enough
  Resonance in Healing
  Which Style is Right For You?
  To Supplement or Not to Supplement?
  My Interview with Matt Van Benschoten, OMD and Noted Herbalist
  Earth: Our Source of Daily Health
  Your Immune System, the Fall, and the Element Metal
  Sometimes, It's Just That Simple! A Case Review
  Winter, Water, and Our Resources
  Let's Talk About Money!
  Twenty Reasons for ZERO Dairy
  Coffee Blues
  The Five Stages of Better Food Choices
  Spring, Wood, and Our Stressed Out Liver
  Summer, Fire, and the Flickering Flame of Our Heart
  Doing a Food-Mood Journal: Cultivating Awareness Step 1
  I'm So Confused! What Should I Eat?! East Meets West in Fact vs. Fiction
  Staying Healthy on the Road: Travel Tips
  Strong Bones and the Myth of Dairy
  Calcium Content in Foods
  The Journey is the Destination
  Building a Pantry: Cultivating Awareness, Step 2
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